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Implementing a Brand New Page or Email

1. Media marketing creates the page, and updates all content which for landing pages MUST include:

2. Media marketer distributes URL of the page(s) on the site to all vested parties to review.

3. All vested parties respond with edits.

4. Media marketer completes edits, and finalizes page(s) including review rounds if and when necessary.

5. Media marketer ensures pages are published.

6. Media marketer messages Operations that page(s) is ready to upload to InXpo. For email promotions not sent via InXpo, media marketer follows current process for email promotions created using Contribute.

7. Operations uploads files to InXpo, editing the following in the page code:

8. Operations provides media marketer with hyperlink to the InXpo version of the page to review.

9. Media marketer provides Operations with approval.

10. Page is considered complete.